If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and in need of emergency assistance please call 844-428-3878

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Transitional Living Program

Guidance and stability

The Inside Out Wellness & Advocacy Transitional Living Program offers short-term housing for three to six months for adults looking for guidance and stability to redevelop or gain skills as they seek to live an independent lifestyle.

Thanks to the generosity of Heart of Iowa, our transitional living program is 100% funded by Heart of Iowa Community Services.

This program welcomes people of all backgrounds, whether they are coming to us from a crisis situation, incarceration, addiction or are at a place in life where they need to learn or regain independent living skills.

What you can expect

We connect each person to mental health support and help them through the healing process. We prioritize sobriety by assisting individuals in creating personalized plans for present and future needs.\

From finding employment opportunities to ensuring access to essential resources such as insurance and housing, we’re committed to supporting every aspect of the recovery journey. Throughout their time in our program and beyond, we actively support individuals in facilitating and fostering connections to valuable resources.

Residents will meet with a therapist based on the recommendations made during the initial assessment. Our staff will also meet with residents on a regular basis to discuss progress made on the initial set of goals.

Residents will attend monthly team meetings to discuss programming. Involved parties may include family members, service coordinators, probation officers, IHH workers, lawyers, vocational rehabilitation coaches, etc.

What we expect from you

Individuals engage in defining their treatment goals. Your active participation is the key to unlocking your potential and fostering lasting positive change. Participants are required to remain on the premises throughout their stay, unless accompanied by staff.

  • Actively participate in mandatory groups (required twice per day)

  • Prioritize your own growth

  • Complete necessary paperwork for assistance (when applicable)

  • Call in medications as needed

  • Advocate for your needs/goals

What TO bring

  • Personal toiletries

  • Suitable amount of clothes for the six month stay (limited donation options are available)

  • Clients are welcome to bring their own bedding (expected to wash and launder their blankets prior to)

  • Any electronics you desire. This includes: TV, iPad/tablet, cell phone, computer, headphones, smart watches, etc. (Staff maintains the right to restrict access to electronic devices if necessary)

  • All outside furniture requires permission from management prior to bringing it into the facility. Past clients have brought additional dressers, chairs, lamps, storage areas, etc.

What should I NOT bring?

The following items cannot be legally returned if found or given to staff:

  • Medication that is expired, loose, or not properly labeled

  • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • Alcohol


How do I apply for the Transitional Living Program?

To apply for the Transitional Living Program please fill out the application here. Following review of the application, qualified individuals will receive a phone call from Inside Out Wellness and Advocacy management to set up a transitional living interview. This interview will help identify individuals who are best suited for the program. Following the interview, a review of the application will occur, individuals deemed suitable for the program will then be given an approximate date of when a bed will be available for them. Further coordination will occur for individuals suited for the Transitional Living Program.

What will my day look like?
Do I get my own room?
Can I come and go while in the Transitional Living program?
Can I have visitors?
How will I get my medications?
Will this go on my record?

Crisis Stabilization

In moments of mental health crisis, our Crisis Stabilization Program offers a compassionate refuge, providing an immediate, supportive environment tailored to your healing journey. Available to all Iowans, this program serves as a personalized, nurturing alternative to hospitalization or incarceration, focusing on a bridge to stability, guiding you towards recovery.

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Transitional Living

Our Transitional Living Program offers adults a 3 to 6-month pathway to independence, catering to those navigating life's transitions, from crisis recovery to skill redevelopment for self-sufficiency. We welcome all backgrounds, providing personalized support that includes mental health therapy, job assistance, and healing guidance. Aimed at empowering your journey, we help remove barriers to growth, guiding you towards a future of independence.

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Mobile Crisis Response

Our Mobile Crisis Response Team is here to offer swift, compassionate intervention right where you need it. Partnering with law enforcement, Inside Out ensures a trained mental health expert can reach you—whether at home, work, or school—via an unmarked vehicle, maintaining privacy and comfort.

To receive mobile crisis services and 24/7 emergency crisis support, call 844-428-3878.

This service is for residents of Audubon, Dallas, Guthrie, Marion, Lucas, Clarke, Decatur, Wayne and Ringgold counties.

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