If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and in need of emergency assistance please call 844-428-3878

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Crisis Stabilization

Providing adult services

The Inside Out Wellness & Advocacy Crisis Stabilization Program offers adults a short-term stay of three to five days in a supportive and supervised environment for those experiencing a mental health crisis.

The Crisis Stabilization Program is an alternative to a hospital setting to provide a nurturing environment focused on individualized treatment.

Offered to all Iowans, the Crisis Stabilization Program allows for a reset to provide perspective, structure and compassion from qualified and experienced mental health professionals. Without judgment or discrimination, we work to ensure each individual receives the care they need to move forward in life in a healthy way. We believe each person is worthy of healing, and that starts through this program.

Individuals will engage in defining their treatment goals. Whether it’s a short- or long- term struggle stemming from a lack of resources or awareness, Inside Out Wellness & Advocacy is here to assist through the Crisis Stabilization Program.

What you can expect

Therapist Interaction

You will have access to a licensed therapist for daily interaction during your crisis stay. These qualified individuals are ready to help identify and address each client’s individual needs.

Daily Skill Development with Crisis Intervention Specialists

Daily skill development is dedicated one on one time with you and a Crisis Intervention Specialist in efforts to establish and reach your individualized goals.

Coping Strategy Exploration and Implementation

We will implement and teach you effective coping strategies to promote positive and lasting change.

Group Sessions

Participate in daily group sessions focusing on: goal setting, coping and leisure skills, meditation and grounding techniques and life skills.

What we expect from you

We encourage individuals to engage in defining their treatment goals and to commit to daily therapy and skill-building sessions. Your active participation is the key to unlocking your potential and fostering lasting positive change. Participants are required to remain on the premises throughout their stay, unless accompanied by staff.

What TO bring

It is recommended to bring a minimum of 5 days’ worth of medication in their original bottles with accurate prescription details. Over the counter medications are also permitted. All medications will be administered by our staff.

To ensure safety, any toiletries containing alcohol will be securely stored and will require staff assistance for access. The stabilization center provides limited toiletries upon request. 

We encourage you to not bring over 5 days’ worth of clothes, and comfortable attire is suggested.

    Other Items

    • Any essential medical devices.
    • Cellphone and charger.
    • Insurance cards.
    • Discharge paperwork from ER/hospital (if applicable).

    What should I NOT bring?

    The following items cannot be legally returned if found or given to staff:

    • Medication that is expired, loose, or not properly labeled

    • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

    • Alcohol

    Items that will be locked up from admission until discharge:

    • Weapons or sharp objects

    • Toiletries containing alcohol

    Items that will be locked but accessible upon request from staff:

    • Razors

    • Tobacco products and lighters

    • Toiletries containing alcohol with staff approval

    • Personal belongings such as wallets/purses/backpack/suitcases

    Items allowed at the facility but not in personal rooms (up to staff discretion):

    • Crafting supplies (string, knitting/crocheting needles, diamond art)

    • Phone chargers

    • Laptops


    Am I required to stay the full 5 days?

    While staying the entire 5-day duration is not mandatory, we highly recommend it as it maximizes the benefits of your stabilization stay. If, after discussing with the staff and therapist, you feel an early discharge is a fitting option, our qualified staff will be happy to assist in creating a discharge plan that fits your needs.

    Do I get my own room?
    What will my treatment look like?
    Can I have virtual sessions with my current therapist while at the crisis stabilization center?
    Can I come and go while I’m at the crisis center?
    Can I smoke?