If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and in need of emergency assistance please call 844-428-3878

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CIT Program

Partnering mental health professionals with first responders

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Co-Responder Program partners mental health professionals and first responders to best identify, de-escalate and navigate a mental health crisis.

Under the CIT program, people in need are less likely to be sent to jail because they are evaluated and connected to services that assist them in moving forward with life.

How CIT navigates a call

This program is active within the police jurisdictions of Clive, Urbandale, Waukee and West Des Moines.


Team is dispatched out to the crisis call. The partnership consists of a mental health professional and a police officer.


The team arrives in an unmarked car to respect the privacy of the person in crisis.


The mental health professional and police officer have an unlimited amount of time to spend with the individual. There is no sense of urgency to jump to the next call.


Once the situation has been de-escalated, they work together on a solution of what’s next.


The CIT team can transport individuals when appropriate or necessary.


To ensure ongoing support, CIT initiates a follow up call or visit within a week of the initial call.

Partnering Police Departments

Pairing a mental health professional with a police officer in this program is critical to ensure a swift response to individuals in crisis and determine the most appropriate action. The CIT team assesses the individual’s needs and creates a supportive environment. The officer provides a sense of safety and assists in de-escalation, reassuring the individual and addressing potential safety concerns. This creates a healthy environment where the Crisis Intervention Team assesses the individual’s needs and creates a supportive environment. The funding for police officers participating in the CIT program is graciously provided by Heart of Iowa Community Services.

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Our Staff

Timothy Wood

Timothy Wood
Crisis Intervention Team Manager

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Margaret Lano
Crisis Intervention Team

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Why do they not dress in their full uniform while driving an unmarked vehicle?

To prevent drawing attention and raising concern among neighbors, CIT Co-Responders use an unmarked vehicle and opt for inconspicuous attire. Wearing plain clothing minimizes the intimidation aspect, conveying the team’s commitment to de-escalation and assistance, and contributes to diminishing the stigma associated with mental health crises.

What happens once the crisis is de-escalated?
What training do they receive, and do other officers have this training?